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Our consultants specialize in all procedures needed to set up and maintain operations and finances, creating efficient and fiscally responsible models for performance.



We Are In This Together

Through our various networks and decades of experience, we have seen many small business owners struggle with understanding how to set up and maintain their business as they go from a solo operation to one that employs a team.  Many times business owners aren’t skilled in the areas of business and finance to know where to start and what questions to ask.  Our team has been there.  We are here to help you set up all things like employee manuals, budgets, personnel files, tax files, business registries., and many many more.  No question is a dumb question.

Our friends at the Small Business Advocacy Department of the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office have supplied us with these illustrations to show that there are more small businesses in Oregon than large ones.  We are truly in this together.

  • Small Businesses as a % of total Oregon Businesses 97.6% 97.6%
  • Small Business Employees as a % of all Oregon Employees 55.7% 55.7%


How A Company Works as a System


We work with our clients to create more efficient processes to save money.  With the following items, we assist with all aspects of setting up and continuance of a small business as it grows through time.


Chain of Command
Business Structure
Policy & Procedure

Creating procedures within a company that honors the merits and needs of sustainability can no only reduce overhead but it helps a company become more environmentally friendly.


Inventory control
Waste Management
Utility Usage Analysis

Inventory can be more than just office supplies.  All companies have a responsibility to report their assets and inventory.  The more concise measures, the more accuracy and efficiency and ease in operations.


Filing Systems
Inventory Audit

Our Approach

Difficult Times, Difficult Conversations

The biggest hurdle that we have seen business owners go through is understanding when they are overwhelmed.  Many don’t want to admit weakness and many don’t want their neighbors to know that their business.  This is a hard position to be in and only leads to the isolation.  Difficult conversations lead to easier solutions.  It’s when we are most uncomfortable, that we are learning.  It happens in business too.

Having the difficult conversations with a trusted business professional can lead to solutions and more efficient systems.  It’s okay to be vulnerable.  It’s okay to let your guard down.  Many businesses cannot grow unless they have an outsider look at their operations and analyze what they can be doing better, more efficient, more responsibly, resulting in possibly higher profit margin.  Would that alone warrant the hard conversations?  Would a reduction in stress and higher profit margin be worth the humble, honest conversations?  Many businesses have seen huge results.  It is possible.


Understanding the Numbers


Whether you are working with Quicken, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, or QuickBooks Pro, our team of professionals are here to assist with all of your bookkeeping.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Balancing Accounts


A clear financial picture derived from a Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow, and Budget can encourage fiscally responsible decisions to increase margin and curtail spending.

Revenue Analysis

Expense Reduction

Cyclical Downturns


Understanding the current and future projections can better assist business owners in planning and proactive decision making to overcome many obstacles.

Quarterly Analysis

Yearly Projections

Anticipated Growth

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