Our Team

Our team consists of passionate people dedicated to ethical business practices.  We emulate and champion the principles of Oregon Benefit Companies.

01. People

Taking care of your employees via appropriate benefit structures, communication, and leadership is very important to any company.  Balancing the needs of your employees, with those of your customers is paramount to the “people” component.

02. Planet

Building in components of sustainability and recycling into your business model is not only responsible for your longevity but the longevity of the planet.  Consumers frequent companies that make responsible decisions for the environment.

03. Profit

Making money and staying profitable is something every company needs.  By understanding your margins and expenses, business owners can maximize profit to make fiscally responsible decisions upon logic.


Our Problem Solvers

Angela Anderson

Co-Owner/Operations & Finance

Angela Anderson brings a specialty in Organizational Dynamics and Operations along with 20 years’ experience in managing companies of all sizes and sectors. She assists in creating efficient systems that lead to lower operational costs and higher customer engagement. Angela has an MBA in Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Communications.  She manages our larger accounts and acts as the project manager to make sure timelines are met within budget.

Angela specializes in operations and finance, helping business owners understand their specific revenue cycles, as well as areas of greatest opportunity in business structures and fiscal responsibility.  She also uses her experience in management to unify and unite teams into common goals and structures so that everyone can operate in a concise direction and mission.

David Anderson

Co-Owner / Sales & Marketing

David Anderson With an Art Major and International Studies Minor from Linfield College, David has extensive experience working with major publishers worldwide, consulting companies, and government agencies.

For 20 years, David worked as founding owner of Canvas Host to build, manage, and host websites for respected brands such as Oregon Department of Justice, Hot Lips Pizza, and Linfield College, as well as numerous Oregon wineries.

David helps clients with effective marketing and sales plans, social media strategies, and problem solving tough challenges.

Megan Ferrell

Lead Web Developer

Megan Ferrell, with over 10 years’ experience, develops primarily in WordPress using her coding skills in PHP, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. She creates custom websites from the ground up. Megan specializes in one-on-one training and consultation, building custom WordPress themes, e-commerce solutions, mobile-friendly websites, event calendars, music downloads, website maintenance, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our Trusted Business Colleagues

Diego Diaz

Owner, Diego Diaz Photography

Diego Diaz is an accomplished photographer managing projects for the City of Beaverton, Portland Timbers, Portland Thorns, and many commercial builders.  He brings a calmness to photography that puts even the most camera shy individual at ease. Diego has a talent for catching the emotion of events in a way that shows the passion behind a cause.  You will find many of his photos gracing the electronic mediums of the Portland Tribune, Associated Press, and The Oregonian, as well as many of the pictures encompassed on this website.

Derek Pangelinan

Owner, Derek Rey Consulting

Derek Pangelinan has become a very trusted colleague of ours and our expert in leadership development, team building, and employee engagement.  Derek’s classes and knowledge can assist any company through the difficult challenges of conflict management and communication.  He’s also a certified educator for on the principles of the Color Code, an amazing tool to better understand motivations of all employees.

Mike Lindberg

Owner, Lindberg Media & Photography

Mike Lindberg has a been a lifelong friend of ours and has photographed many of our personal events.  He brings an essence of videography and film to his expertise in commercial photo shoots and drone photography.  We have actually used his work in our web development projects and social media campaigns.

Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering

Owners, Benefit Corporations for Good

Mary Anne Harmer and Tom Hering own and operate the only Oregon-based certifying body for Oregon Benefit Companies.  Through this vehicle, they inspire and coach business owners on how to balancing people, planet, and profit.  Their tested techniques provide business owners a sounding board and advisory stance to make sure the principles of Oregon Benefit Company designation are followed through in daily operation.

Hussein Al-Baiaty

Owner, The Printory

Hussein Al-Baiaty is our source for inspiration and empowerment.  Not only is he a passionate speaker about creating opportunity against all odds, he also is an artist and successful business owner of the The Printory.  We highly recommend our clients reach out to Hussein and his talented team for branded screen printing and embroidery.  He’s in high demand with the Hillsboro and Beaverton School districts for his personal story and passion behind Refutees, his way of giving back to his community.